Body Dismorphic Disorder Treatment & Testing in Southlake, TX

At Prime Behavioral Health, our licensed professionals are equipped to help you and your loved ones navigate Body Dismorphic Disorder. We know that the first step in recovery is acknowledging that you need help, and we are committed to providing you and your loved one with the best case scenario. Body Dismorphic Disorder is often described as a condition where a person feels great concern in their personal appearance. It could be a single bodily limb or more of a general area on the body where there is heightened awareness, to the point that there is excessive checking on their appearance, grooming, or even trying to cover up or remove the perceived defect. The patient genuinely believes that the body area or limb is abnormal or even unattractive, not only to them but to others as well. Their cognitive mind is unable to believe that they are the only ones to view themselves this way.

Testing Process

Body Dismorphic Disorder Testing Southlake Tx

Because our licensed experts believe wholeheartedly that relationship builds trust, we start from the very first introduction to build a relationship. The beginning interactions set the pace for the fulfillment of healthy recovery, and our passion at Prime Behavioral Health is to build that bridge for both our patients and their families. This being said, each of you will play a unique and vital role in helping your loved one process their journey of recovery as well as stay on the healthy path once the aftercare phase begins.

Below we are listing just a few of the steps we take when testing your loved one, and note that this is a team effort:

Our Steps

  • individually structured interviews with the child and parent
  • diagnosis specific rating scales
  • neuropsychiatric evaluations (if available)
  • clinical observations for diagnosis

It is important to note here, that whenever possible, we will intentionally utilize other resources (such as school personnel, counselors, general practitioners and anyone else who knows and understands the client well enough through rating scales and structured conversations) so that we can make a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. Remember, the goal is to provide a thorough and complete evaluation so that we can achieve the best possible journey to recovery. Every bit of information, behavioral patterns, as well as unique insight, will propel the process forward in a positive way.

Our Promise

Southlake Tx Body Morphic Disorder Testing

The trained staff and professionally licensed experts at Prime Behavioral Health promise that you and your loved one will feel safe, empowered, and fully aware of each and every step of your unique process. We are driven to cultivate a culture of open communication, and this gives us the ability to provide our clients with the very best care possible. We take your investment in your family seriously and count you as a part of our family here at Prime Behavioral Health.

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