Addiction Assessment and Aftercare Southlake

Recognizing your need for assistance is the very first step in recovery for addiction. At Prime Behavioral Health, we take it seriously that you are trusting us with your recovery process, and have made it our commitment to provide each of our clients with the best care possible, while refusing to compromise on quality for the greatest possible recovery outcome. Our licensed experts acknowledge that addiction involves a serious journey back to full recovery–one that takes diligence, hard work, and relationships. Lets unpack what this looks like in conjunction with addiction assessment and aftercare.

What does the addiction assessment look like?

Addiction Assessment Testing Soutlake Tx

Just as each individual person is unique, so too is our addiction assessment. While there are some basic similarities, the majority of our assessments at Prime Behavioral Health is geared to directly connect with each client and their specific needs. Below is a list of some of the common steps we take to identify the unique traits within the addiction assessment:

  • family involvement in the psychiatric process
  • prescribing the correct medication(s) as necessary
  • understanding the proper therapeutic treatment referrals
  • establishing trust between both patient and families
  • intentionally establishing firm and consistent follow-up appointments
  • continual open communication between the staff, the patient,  and the family at all times


At Prime Behavioral Health, we take testing very seriously. Testing is accomplished through individually structured interviews with the individual, diagnosis-specific rating scales, neuropsychiatric evaluations (if available) and clinical observations for diagnosis. When possible, we utilize other resources including school personnel, counselors, pediatricians, general practitioners and others who know the client well through rating scales and structured conversations so that we can make a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. Depending on the specific needs of the individual client, we will add more to the assessment to ensure we have not missed any unique steps or key processes to empower the most optimal outcome in the recovery process.


Addiction Assessment Southlake Tx

Or licensed professionals at Prime Behavioral Health have made the relationship and trust their highest priority. Because of this, we have cultivated a culture of open communication and clear understanding throughout the entire process of both the addiction assessment and aftercare. You will have regular updates on the progress of the journey because we know that your involvement and commitment directly affects the success of your health and wellness. While the aftercare of each patient is unique, we know that daily exercise, continued communication, diligent follow-up appointments, and ownership of each step along the way are what guarantees the wellness of both the patient and the family. We are honored to journey with you and your family.

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