TMS Therapy Center & Psychiatric Treatment in Hurst

Therapy Center & Psychiatric Treatment in Hurst

You’ve tried it all. From antidepressants to one-on-one therapy, nothing seems to help your depression and anxiety. The symptoms plaguing your mind can make you feel alone despite being surrounded by those who love you. You may feel overwhelmed, unsure of yourself, and unable to improve. If treatment is not helping, it’s time you spoke to Prime Behavioral Health. We proudly provide TMS Therapy in Hurst, TX. It is a tested and approved treatment designed to beat back depression symptoms for a full year!

TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) Therapy

Many individuals try to combat their depression with traditional measures. These methods may provide some momentary relief, but it often does not last. It’s time for a more innovative approach. TMS Therapy takes just six weeks of treatment for a full year of improved mental health and better moods overall. It is thoroughly tested and approved to ensure the utmost safety and results for our patients.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment in Hurst

At Prime Behavioral Health, we offer a wide variety of psychiatric treatment programs, but few of them are as innovative as transcranial magnetic stimulation in Hurst, TX. In just six weeks, you’ll walk away from our office with improved confidence, better moods, and a strong outlook on life around you.

Psychiatric Treatment

We mentioned offering multiple psychiatric treatment programs. Here at Prime Behavioral Health, alongside TMS Therapy, we offer antidepressant medications, one-on-one therapy, group therapy sessions, and more.

About Hurst

Hurst, a suburb of DFW, is a part of the Mid-Cities region. As such, it’s located close enough to the best amenities while retaining its charm. You’re always within driving distance of Chisholm Park, the artisan theater, or your quiet suburb.

Take an innovative approach to depression treatment with TMS Therapy in Hurst, TX. Contact Prime Behavioral Health at 817-778-8884 to schedule your first appointment!

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