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Patient in Chair Clipped Fort Worth Waking up each morning to depression is a tiring experience. The day just never feels right. If you are beginning to lose hope, or if all antidepressant medications and therapy have failed, you can find relief at Prime Behavioral Health. We proudly offer TMS Therapy in Fort Worth, TX. This FDA-approved procedure has provided high-quality, long-term results regarding mood and confidence boosts. The release of specific neurochemicals ensures you have a better outlook on life!

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Therapy

If you are tired of your depression symptoms returning after a short bout of improved mental health, then it is time to consider TMS Therapy. NeuroStar TMS Therapy was designed for those who have tried all other options. The long-term effects include a full year of improved mental health for just 4-6 weeks of treatment. You cannot beat those results.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment in Fort Worth

Prime Behavioral Health is constantly innovating and seeking new treatment methods for our patients. Now, with the advancements in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment, we have witnessed something profound. The treatment works unlike anything we have witnessed before. Our patients, after undergoing their scheduled TMS Therapy in Fort Worth, simply feel better. They feel better about themselves, about their outlook on life, and so much more. TMS Therapy works!

Psychiatric Treatment

At Prime Behavioral Health, we focus on long-lasting effects. As such, we seek out psychiatric treatment methods that are guaranteed to work for our patients. Alongside TMS Therapy, we also offer more traditional psychiatric treatment, including one-on-one therapy. Our psychiatric care and treatment are exceptional and geared towards adults, children, and teenagers alike.

About Fort Worth

Fort Worth, an important trading post for cowboys in the 19th century, has come a long way. Today, we are the premier modern city, with international art museums, theatrical presentations, sports complexes, and a community unlike anywhere else in the world.

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