Tics and Tourette Syndrome Treatment Southlake

Tics and Tourette Syndrome Treatment Southlake

Tourette syndrome is a relatively common disorder in which repetitive movements or unwanted noises (tics) are uncontrollable. You may repeatedly shout an offensive word or blink your eyes too often. Such tics generally appear between ages 2 and 15. At that time, it’s best to seek treatment. Prime Behavioral Health offers Tourette syndrome treatment in Southlake, TX!

What are some common signs and symptoms of Tics and Tourette Syndrome?

The most common signs of Tourette syndrome are the tics themselves. For example:

  • Simple Tics – Sudden, brief, and repetitive tics that typically involve only a few muscle groups, such as in the fingers or the eyes.
  • Complex Tics – More complex tics are distinct, coordinated movements involving multiple large muscle groups.
  • Motor Tics – Motor tics are physical, such as simple or complex tics.
  • Vocal Tics – Vocal tics include grunting, coughing, throat clearing, barking, or shouting obscene language.

How is it Determined that Someone has Tics and Tourette Syndrome?

There are no specific tests used to diagnose Tourette syndrome. Instead, diagnosis is based on the signs and symptoms presented. The criteria include:

  • The presence of both motor and vocal tics
  • Tics occur multiple times per day, every day, for over a year
  • Tics begin by age 18
  • Tics are not caused by medication

How is Tics and Tourette Syndrome being handled or treated in today’s society?

Unfortunately, there remains a stigma surrounding Tourette syndrome in the country. Many jokes and viral videos focus on those suffering from Tourette syndrome, and are made for others to laugh at. However, individuals with Tourette syndrome typically have more options for treatment than ever before. Seeking a doctor or therapist is as easy as making a phone call.

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