Psychiatric Care For Children Who Suffer From Disruptive Impulsive Behavior

When you partner with us at Prime Behavioral Health, you are gaining a team of people who understand the challenges that can overwhelm your daily routine when trying to help your child navigate their engagement in life while balancing Disruptive Impulsive Behavior. Our main focus is to empower both you and your child to find the best coping tools and resources for the best possible enhancement for your day to day routine, as well as live the best optimal life possible without being overwhelmed every step of the way. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for you and your family once partnering with us at Prime Behavioral Health.

What Are Some Common Signs And Symptoms of Disruptive Impulsive Behavior?

So often, the process of unpacking what Disruptive Impulsive Behavior looks like can be very overwhelming. It is important to note, there is a commonality within families who have children dealing with Disruptive Impulsive Behavior, where they are navigating such a high anxiety of their own with this compounding the entire situation. At Prime Behavioral Health, we are here to join with you and your child so that there is less unknowns and more confidence in navigating the things you can control, helping you discover the tools you already have to use daily for a better routine. Disruptive Impulsive Behavior is where someone acts before they think, often unable to control their initial responses to any situation. Their personal ability to regulate themselves is compromised, and they cannot modify their behavior with further consequences in mind. There have been many studies that show the differences in the brain with those struggling with Disruptive Impulsive Behavior are partially responsible for these impulsions. Below are some of the symptoms and signs common to Disruptive Impulsive Behavior so that we can better understand what this looks like:

  • Refusing to do work: This can be for any reason, however big or small. But having positive reinforcement for when they do accomplish work goes a long way in creating a healthy energy and a new desire to repeat this behavior more each time. The rewards do not have to be big, just consistent and speak the language your child can understand. Remember, this is about redirecting the focus.
  • Irritable: While all children are irritable, and everyone struggles with not being in the frame of mind to engage the day with enthusiasm, those struggling with Disruptive Impulsive Behavior are far more prone to be irritated, annoyed, and be very visible in their frustration.
  • Defies Rules: It is common to have a child who disobeys, even defiant against rules and boundaries. The difference is, with a child struggling with this type of behavioral disorder, you are going to see a much quicker and more pronounced defiance against rules. At times this can become very physical and even dangerous if not addressed quickly.
  • Bullies and/or Threatens Others: Many children who bully and threaten are often very caring and sensitive, but their impulsive behavior overshadows their good qualities. Their social and physical interactions are extremely difficult to navigate with the impending reality that they cannot self-regulate. This is the compound of their nature, and the foundation as to why it is so very difficult for them to process.

How Is It Determined That One Has Disruptive Impulsive Behavior?

From the beginning of the discovery process, our licensed and compassionate professionals at Prime Behavioral Health are here to help you understand if your child is suffering form Disruptive Impulsive Behavior. From the first warning signs you see or suspect, allow us partner with you and your child to take the necessary steps to find out exactly what is going on and what this looks like from this point forward. Disruptive Impulsive Behavior is multifaceted and requires the trained dedication of licensed professionals who know what questions to ask and what answers to look for in order to provide the proper diagnosis and plan of action. At prime Behavioral Health, we take this seriously with you, and our goal is to make an accurate diagnosis for your child as well as make the best plan of action to move forward with the strategic and customized treatment your child needs so they can acclimate and enjoy their life. Our comprehensive diagnosis plan with you and your child will empower you both to find the best solution for your specific needs. As each one is different, we look forward to connecting with you and your child and assess the next steps to your best outcome, and to partner with you to discover a positive and full life from start to finish.

How Is Disruptive Impulsive Behavior Being Treated In Today’s Society?

With a lot more awareness and intention placed upon understanding Disruptive Impulsive Behavior disorder, the resources for helping to both navigate and treat each patient is very thorough. Even though it does take unique and individual time to properly diagnose and treat our patients, our licensed professionals at Prime Behavioral Health are confident that as we team up with the family and the patient, the best possible management for optimal long term care becomes available. At Prime Behavioral Health, we are keenly aware that Disruptive Impulsive Behavior can, and often does, cultivate addictive behaviors. Our focus will be to help identify any of those behavioral patterns within the routine of your child, find other ways to cope, as well as offer any necessary recovery options for your child. We also partner with you to help create a customized plan that will empower you and your child to discover new ways of addressing their impulses so that they can have the best possible life and integrate into both social and private climates with more ease and personal awareness.

Quality and Compassion You Can Count On

We are not here to judge, we are simply here to support and empower. Your family is important to us at Prime Behavioral Health, and we are honored to partner with you to enjoy life as well as embrace it. We have chosen to make you and your family our personal priority, confident in the quality of care we offer, as well as founded on decades of experience to support our capacity to successfully provide all necessary means of functioning at your personal best and truly obtaining your best life. Contact our office today for an immediate appointment at 817-778-8884 and let our family become part of your family, as we want to see your daily routine be the one you dream of.

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